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Wedding Day Floral Crowns

Wearing a floral crown on your wedding day is a really fun detail. A lot of brides get caught up in thinking that they can’t pull floral crowns off. But truly, anyone can! You just have to make sure that you have chosen the right style for you. That you take it on a test run (try to time the test run with your hair trial) and that it is the right size for your head! Also, know that you do not have to wear your flower crown all day. You can wear it for some portraits, and then switch it out for a simpler piece and a veil, and then put it back in for your reception. Just be sure that your hair stylist and your florist come up with a design that works for the different situations. There are a number of design options.

Another great opportunity for floral crowns is your engagement photoshoot. These two brides rocked their LBI engagement photoshoot with Idalia Photography wearing floral crowns created by Lily in the Valley Florist in Beach Haven, NJ. Hair and make up for these two was done by Lavish Salon.

floral crowns

Photo Credit: Idalia Photography | Floral Crown: Lily in the Valley Florist

floral crown for the beach

Photo Credit: Idalia Photography | Floral Crown: Lily in the Valley Florist

Floral Crowns

This style of floral crown is truly a crown in all ways! Simply place it on your head. It doesn’t have to be as full and dramatic as this one by Reynolds Floral Market, but it wouldn’t hurt! And notice, how despite how full it looks when photographed alone, when worn, it really creates a dramatic design element.

dramatic floral crown

Floral crowns can also be simply tied on. This is a great style of crown for brides and flower girls (sometimes it can be a little difficult to get head measurements before the big day, so tying a crown on, eliminates that problem, and it often a more comfortable design option for those not used to wearing the more true “crown” style. want to untie it and pull to remove. Then later, the pie can be retied, with the ribbon dangling down for a little bohemian flair.

Floral Combs

Floral combs are a great way to add, and later remove, flowers if you want a second wedding look. Simple, easy, and less impactful than a full crown, floral combs are one of my favorites.

floral comb

Whatever your wedding day vibe, fresh flowers in your hair are always a plus! For more great information, please mark your calendar for the Wedding Bliss Expo on November 8, 2020 at Hotel LBI in Ship Bottom. You’ll be sure to meet up with the most amazing florists and hair stylists to make your floral crown dreams come true!

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