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Jeanne Coon-Bogath

Owner & Lead Planner at Bogath Weddings and Events

Jeanne has been planning weddings and events on Long Beach Island since 2016. She and her team specialize in creating gorgeous details and seemless planning experiences for their couples. Allowing them to celebrate love, family, tradition and the island we all love.

Bay Magazine

Gary Henderson & Farrell Dunleavy

Bay Magazine’s clean, modern and unique design stands out from the rest. Our team will work together to create the best quality Editorial magazine to advertise your business. With the images speaking to the readers and the content straight to the point.

Reaching over 490,000 people with both our Summer and Fall Issue’s of bay magazine will be the only high quality leisure & lifestyle magazine published LBI.

Weddings of Distinction

Hotel LBI

Weddings of Distinction has a collection of grand estate properties designed for a singular purpose, to host the most distinguished of wedding celebrations. Our unparalleled service will ensure that couples, their families and their honored guests, an unforgettable experience.

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